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French Toast Croissant Casserole

Chicken Roulade with Cherry-Almond Risotto

Chocolate Yogurt

Coconut Yogurt

Beef Stroganoff

Wow your guests and make this Umami Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff! A satisfying mouthful sensation of tender beef in addictive umami sauce. Satisfying meal bursting with layers & depths of bold flavors.

Paprika Chicken and Vegetables

Instant Pot Roast with Red Wine Peppercorn Gravy

Steamed Ribs with Glutinous Rice

Stir-Fry Braised Mushrooms with Dry Scallop

Teriyaki Shrimp and Rice

By adding a few extra ingredients to your rice cooker, you can cook an entire meal at once. This Teriyaki Shrimp and Rice is an easy and healthy alternative to take out.

Fragrant Yam and Pumpkin Rice

Seared Tuna Belly

Strawberry Taho

Mango Sticky Rice

Calamansi Muffins

This Boracay-favorite can now be enjoyed in anywhere with a cup of coffee. With the most basic ingredients and no-fuss Instant Pot pressure cooking, you can make it everyday.

Adobong Hipon sa Gata

Red Pork and Chicken Adobo

Adobong Pusit

Adobo flakes

Nilasing na Adobo Mushrooms

Batangas Beef Adobo Soup

Adobong Dilaw

Pork Adobo

Chicken Adobo

Butternut Squash and Cinnamon Cheesecake

This recipe is a glutenfree and sugarfree version of our favorite Instant Pot dessert. To add depth and flavor, the cheesecake is mixed with cinnamon and pureed squash which you may substitute with local kabocha squash. Creating your own squash puree is also a breeze by pressure cooking the vegetable cuts on the trivet.

Almond Satay

This is a rich and ‘creamy’ dairy-free dish. Satay is, of course, traditionally
made using peanut butter or ground peanuts, but almonds are more
nutritious and simply delicious.

Pineapple Turkey Meatballs

Protein-rich and fruity, this is a perfect meal that will fill you up in a good way.

Creamy Vegan Pasta

This one-pot pasta dish is ‘creamy’ and luxurious in taste while being completely dairyfree. Instant Pot pressure cooks the sweet potatoes until soft enough to be mashed into a thick sauce.

Cauliflower Mash

This dish provides the comfort of mashed potato but serves much lower carbohydrates. Pressure cooking a whole cauliflower with the Instant Pot is so quick that there’s no need to chop it to prepare. Use this as a side dish or healthy substitute for your usual carbs.

Quinoa Pilaf

Elevate your usual rice pilaf with a superfood that is ready in 4 minutes. Though already high in fiber, this quinoa dish is made healthier with leafy greens and peas.

Carrot and Cashew Hummus

This fragrant hummus is a sweeter take of its original recipe. It’s a delicious snack used as a dip for fresh vegetable slices.

Spinach and Salmon Egg Cups

Make yourself a complete meal in a cup that can go from breakfast to dinner. Preparation time is as quick as Instant Pot’s cooking time.

Bistek Tagalog

Bistek Tagalog is the Filipino take of a beef steak. With Instant Pot, you’re promised with a tender bistek and an even heartier flavor as the white onions are broken down into the sauce through pressure cooking.

Adobong Pusit

Squid is tricky to cook because of its tendency to turn out tough when not done right. This Instant Pot Adobong Pusit is a no-fail recipe that you won’t have to worry becoming too chewy.


The breakfast pudding to satisfy your sweet tooth. Your champorado can be done in minutes and even timed night before using Instant Pot’s Delay Start function. Dump all ingredients in the inner pot, set the time, and wake up to a batch of champorado.


It could be Christmas all year round with this easy holiday rice cake. Bibingka is traditionally baked in a makeshift charcoal oven but steamed bibingka is just as good and fluffy.

Instant Pot Hickory Ribs

Ribs are made extra special due to the long smoking or baking time needed to achieve that fork-tenderness everyone loves. Pressure cooking the ribs cuts down that cooking time to barely an hour. Finish the ribs by broiling them in the oven or char-grilling on charcoal.

Instant Pot Chicken Wings

Pressure Cooker Buffalo Chicken Wings are tender, full of flavor and much healthier than deep fried wings.

Instant Pot Steak

Instant pot steak recipe that is easy, quick, juicy and absolutely delicious. This
pressure cooker steak recipe is so good you’ll never make steak any other way. Let me show you
how to make the best instant pot steak recipe.

Instant Pot Spaghetti Bolognese

Pasta and sauce is cooked in one go in this quick and easy recipe. There’s also option to cook it without noodles to create a simple hearty ragu.

Easy Chicken Breast

Bagoong Pineapple Fried Rice

Seafood Boodle

Instant Pot Chicken Inasal

Cheesy Ramen Recipe

Creamy Mushroom and Ham Soup

Instant Pot Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs

Lemon Cheesecake

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

Tender Short Ribs

Peanut Butter Molten Cakes

Roast Beef with Gravy

Mini – Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Mini – Blueberry-Almond French Toast Casserole

Pulled Pork Adobo

It might be hard to imagine adobo not eaten with rice – but it works! This easy recipe turns this favorite viand into a sandwich filling. Serve it with pickled vegetables, shredded lettuce, and mayo-based dressing for the ultimate experience.

Dalandan Cake

This cake is inspired by a the classic lemon cake. Our local orange, Dalandan, takes centerstage in this dessert where tart and sweet meld well and encased with a simple sugar glaze.


Lengua Estofado

Chicken Binakol

Chicken Binakol is a chicken soup dish with flavors that are sweet and subtle from the coconut water used as broth. The tenderness of the traditionally poached chicken is achieved with Instant Pot’s perfect cooking.

La Paz Batchoy

Beef Morcon


Leche Flan

Pork Humba

Beef Pares

Beef Caldereta


A Filipino Classic. This beef shank soup uses simple ingredients and barely any flavorings. The richness of the soup comes from the long hours of tenderizing the meat, in the process melting the collagen and marrow.