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Vortex Air Fryer 6-in-1


Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer (6 QT/5.7 L)

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The new and improved Vortex Plus Air Fryer is more versatile than ever with 6 different ways to cook. You can Air Fry the crispiest chips, Bake delicious cakes and pastries, Roast whole chicken, meats or veg, Reheat leftovers, Grill perfect steaks and Dehydrate your own fruit and veg strips or beef jerky.

Take full control with easily adjustable time and temperature dials, and simple one touch smart programs, where you can save your presets so your favourite meals can be made at the touch of a button.

The Vortex Plus Air Fryer achieves perfectly crispy fried texture and flavour, without the fat. You can create healthy versions of your favourite fried foods using 95% less oil. The large 5.7L capacity fits a 1.8kg chicken or 1kg of fries! Cook from fresh or frozen, healthy convenience at its best.

The sleek brushed stainless-steel finish is fingerprint resistant, so it will look smart on your kitchen worktops.


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Air fryer, broiler, roaster, dehydrator, plus baking and reheating

6 Smart Programs
Customizable one-touch programs for air frying, roasting, broiling and more

Easy-to-Use Display
Touchscreen shows each stage of cooking

Easy-Clean Basket
Non-stick air fry basket holds enough food for a small family

Fast Preheating
Little to no preheating time. Adjustable Temperature: select from 95 to 400 °

6-Portion Capacity
Perfect for growing families

Compact Design
Countertop-friendly size fits any kitchen


Size 6 Quart / 5.7 Liters
Smart Programs Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, Broil and Dehydrate
Power 1450-1700W
Power Supply 220V – 240V, 50Hz – 60Hz
Weight 12.08 lbs / 5.48 kg
Dimensions (inches) 12.36L x 14.92W x 12.83H
Dimensions (cm) 31.4L x 37.9W x 32.6H
Warranty 12 months
Package included Cooking Tray

Cooking Time Table


Air fryers use a powerful fan to circulate hot air around food to quickly brown and give it a distinctive crispy, deep-fried flavor and texture without the deep frying. The Vortex reaches a maximum temperature of 205°C / 400°F.
Yes! Air frying is a healthier choice in food preparation. Instead of submerging food in oil or fat, simply toss your food in a small amount of oil (as little as 2 tablespoons) to create beautiful, crispy golden french fries, chicken wings, fish and zucchini sticks, mushroom caps, and much more.

You can make all kinds of things in the air fryer oven!

• All your favorite fried and pan-fried dishes, like sausage, schnitzel and steak
• Yummy baked dishes like pizzas, pies and cakes
• Fresh or frozen convenience foods like fries, wings and mozza sticks are a snap
• Cool healthy snacks like kale, beet, and sweet potato chips, or homemade fruit leather roll-ups
• Do-it-yourself dehydrated jerky with beef, buffalo, trout, turkey, venison, elk, kangaroo, wild boar and so much more!

Compared to an oven, the Vortex is also a fast, convenient and energy-efficient way to reheat and re-crisp leftovers.

Yes! The Vortex is an easy way to add crispness to your favorite convenient foods.

Anything you can cook in a conventional oven can be cooked in your Vortex, but for best results, always arrange foods in a single layer and cook in small batches.

Avoid foods dipped in batter, such as calamari, tempura shrimp and buttermilk fried chicken. If you want breading, go for an egg wash and breadcrumb coating.

You can fit a lot in the air fryer, but for best results, remember to give your food room to breathe and don’t crowd food items. Place food items in a single layer and ensure there is room for the hot air to circulate freely.
We recommend preheating the Vortex as most food items benefit greatly from the immediate high heat of a preheated cooking chamber — preheating only takes 5 minutes!

Depending on the Smart Program, the Vortex may beep part way through to remind you to turn your food. If you don’t remove the air fryer basket, the air fryer continues cooking at the selected temperature until the timer completes.

Depending on the food item, failing to turn your food may result in uneven cooking. Refer to the Troubleshooting table in the User Manual for further assistance.

Anything you can bake in an oven, you can bake in your Vortex air fryer!

You can use any oven-safe baking dish that fits in the air fryer. Just ensure to leave room for air to circulate freely.

Your Vortex air fryer is designed to produce deep-fried results without being submerged in oil, but it may need help from you:

• Pat dry moist food items (like potato or zucchini sticks) with a clean dish towel or paper towel
• Toss your food in up to 2 tablespoons of oil
• Preheat the air fryer to blast your food with hot air
• Turn or toss your food in the basket when reminded

Always follow a trusted recipe when air frying.



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